Cobalt is the new...whatever color was in last year

Cobalt Blue! I just ordered these pants from White House Black Market and I can not wait to rock them. I love these pants because you can dress them up or down.
You can go simple and pair it with a black tank, black flats and a huge pair of sunglasses.
Or you can dress it up with a cute crisp white button up, cobalt bangles and a pair of black heels!

Cobalt is popping up all over the runways, red carpet and is perfect for a day at the office, or a night on the town.


I know it is January but I feel the need to thank all of the stores that made Christmas 2012 a success!

First of all was such a great resource for finding fun and unique gifts this holiday season.

the process from beginning to end was easy and enjoyable.

I purchased this lovely gem below for my little sister who lives in California  Seraphina from a shop called edmdesigns. edmdesigns is a great shop the focuses on beautiful pieces of jewelry specializing in Steampunk, Neo-Victorian and Industrial designs.  

The owner of this shop owner Ricky was amazing!
My sister who is in love with all things concerning pirates or treasure loved this necklace.

 I purchased necklace charms for my four sisters who live in Georgia from a store called
Jewel Be Charmed. Kelly the shop owner features unique sterling silver charms in her shop. It was easy to find a piece for each sister that represented their personalities.
 Niki is in marching band and has a great love for playing music.
Stephanie has her eyes set on attending South University in Savannah, Georgia in the fall and I wanted to get her something representing the beautiful beaches in Savannah.
Amber is an aspiring photographer and for a kid still in high school she is showing major promise and talent for the field. Her portfolio is amazing and spans many different styles.
Katie is the painter in the family, you can rest assured that if she is not at school or reading a book she has a paintbrush in her hand.
Each of the girls loved these personalized gifts!


Each of the girls loved these personalized gifts!

A few months before Christmas my boyfriend found this really cool sweatshirt on Tumblr and thought it was witty. Ironically appropriate as well, due to the fact that he is a successful entrepreneur who owns his own business and is the all knowing guru of all things Google and various other search engines. So  this was a must buy. After a good hour or so of searching I found it on Etsy of all places! A store called Fourth Floor Print Shop. The owner Matt is very personable and very easy to deal with. I have high hopes for the future of Fourth Floor Print Shop!

I mean seriously, how awesome is this shirt? Did I mention it is extremely soft on the inside?……yeah I might have worn it once or twice.

Last but certainly not least was my new favorite Collage-O-Rama, they specialize in  high quality, fun, affordable, hand-designed vintage dictionary page prints! I purchased several for my sisters and two for my friends Molly and Allison in California.

These are just two of the 5 that I ordered, but as you can clearly see the products by Collage-O-Rama are fantastic! Everyone who received a gift by this shop loved the prints and immediately wanted to know where to purchase more.

Thank you Etsy and all the shop owners who made my 2012 holiday shopping a total breeze!

Eye Spy

Heffa I hope that you are getting paid by all of these social networks that you are using to stalk my ass.

Oh hell yes.

Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs


A few days ago I posted the first 20 in my Top 40 Albums of 2012 (check it out here).  The first half of the list is always easier to compile than the final 20.  With this, the top half of the list, I find myself swapping albums from one spot to the next, trying to refine my list to the perfect order. Of course, this “perfect order” is never truly found. On one day I’d much rather listen to my number 17 than my number 5 and vice versa. I can promise you, all of these albums are fantastic.  In order to come up with a definitive order, I took into account the overall significance of an album, not just which has the best collection of songs, but which is the perfect album – the themes, the order of the songs, the cultural significance. Within those parameters…

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